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Below is a log of the changes
made to my web site since it all began.

20/10/2006Ευαγόρας ΠαλληκαρίδηςΝέα έκδοση της σελίδας για τον Βαγορή.
02/01/2006Ανεράδα, Χιώτισσα, 9η Ιουλίου 1821Links προς στην ιστοσελίδα των Εκδόσεων Χρ. Ανδρέου σε όλα τα σημεία που γίνεται αναφορά σε εκδόσεις των.
28/10/2005Βασίλης ΜιχαηλίδηςΑναδόμηση και μικρές αλλαγές στο βιογραφικό σημελιωμα του ποιητή.
08/07/2005Roger SuraudUpon request from the artist himself, I removed references and links to art galleries which no longer represent him.
02/03/20059η Ιουλίου 1821Απαγγελίες αποσπασμάτων της "9ης Ιουλίου 1821" του Βασίλη Μιχαηλίδη, σελίδες 1, 3, 9, 16, 17, 22, 23 ,24.
01/05/2004Freedom for Cyrpus Updates for Cyprus being an EU member state and the Annan Plan. Also some reformatting of the essay.
21/04/2004Φωτογραφίες - PhotographsAdded photos of Protaras and Kato Pyrgos.
14/03/2004Βασίλης ΜιχαηλίδηςΣύντομο βιογραφικό σημείωμα του ποιητή.
15/11/2003erevos.comRedesigned the front page, moving some pages out of sub-menus into the front page and vice versa.
10/11/2003erevos.comRegistered my own domain and moved hosting to Aplus.Net in The USA.
09/11/2003Φωτογραφίες - PhotographsHaving revived my interest in photography, here's a page of my favourite works.
25/06/2003Freedom for CyrpusUpdated the figures on the Turkish Cypriot population of 1974 and today.
26/05/2003Victor VasarelyAdded a photo and biography of the artist. Added notes on this not being a commercial site. Added titles to some paintings based on the file names. Also updated the Site Map.
29/04/2003English School Leavers 1971Started a photo album of my high school graduating class of 1971. Also re-arranged the font page to accommodate the relevant icon.
08/04/2003MythologyAdded an introduction about beauty, horror, and eroticism in this presentation of greek mythology and paintings. Also added a recommendation for parental guidance to children viewing these pages.
PeliasAdded the Moreau de Tours painting of Pelias slain by his daughters.
17/03/2003OrpheusAdded the Levy painting of Orpheus slain by the Thracian women and the related myth.
09/02/2003I Chiotissa (greek)Added the poem "I Chiotissa" by Vassilis Michaelides, including a recital in mp3 format. Also changed the menu on the main Michaelides page.
09/02/2003Change NotificationTemporarily removed the Netmind change notification registration form because Netmind is no longer offering this service. Will try to find a replacement.
07/02/2003I Anerada (greek)Added the poem "I Anerada" by Vassilis Michaelides, including two recitals in mp3 format. Also changed the menu on the main Michaelides page.
18/12/2002Freedom for CyrpusUpdated the story re colonization, and the root of the problem, in light of Cyprus joining the EU and Turkey aspiring to commence accession negotiations in 2005.
28/10/2002Freedom for CyrpusUpdated the story re joining the EU. Added note about the sculptor of the Liberty monument.
The ImmortalsAdded note about the sculptor of the Liberty monument.
12/10/2002Kavvadias (english)Added my own english translations of Ena Machairi and Pousi, and the remainder by Simon Darragh and Gail Holst Warhaft. Also added references to the music of Xembarkoi and Mariza Kokh, and made some cosmetic changes.
Kavvadias (greek)Added references to the Xembarkoi and Mariza Kokh music. Also made some cosmetic changes.
Home PageReplaced the top graphic (tefkros in the clouds) with a transparent gif of just the face that now blends with the cloudy background.
21/11/1998MythologyAdded a new set of pages on Ancient Greek Mythology with some excellent images of 19th century paintings.
08/06/1998Freedom for CyprusAdded reference to the Treaty of Lausanne and "invitation" of Turkey to become involved in the fate of Cyprus in 1956.
25/05/1998In the time of KyprianosA. Made the map of Lefkosia a clickable map with links to thw two new pages on the Phaneromeni Church and the Pancyprian Gymnasium.
B. Re-arranged the contents of the page.
C. Added images/links for Phaneromeni and the Gymnasium.
PhaneromeniStarted a new page about the Phaneromeni Church, with several images taken from a brochure about the Church. Phaneromeni is where Kyprianos was initially buried and where the Mausoleum is located.
Pancyprian GymnasiumStarted a new page about the Pancyprian Gymnasium, with two photographs I took last February. Kyprianos founded the Elliniki Scholi (Greek School) in 1812, which was subsequently renamed Pancyprian Gymnasium.
Along the edge of historyAdded a complete reading of the Circular sent out by Kyprianos on 22/4/1821.
9th July 1821Updated the project plan.
05/05/1998KavvadiasTranslated the Kavvdias page to english and provided links back and forth from the greek page. The poems have not yet been translated, but the biography has. It's a start! The "kavvadias.htm" page has been built to provide a better filename, linking to the english page.
Various pagesAdded button to download greek fonts on the Michelides, Lipertis, Kavvadias, Neruda, Lorca, and Enati pages.
03/05/19989th July 1821 - AltarsEnhanced the page by (1) adding a description of the Mausoleum, (2) translation of the epigram, (3) a section on the Kyprianos statue including 3 photographs, (4) the epigram on the statue.
Home PageAdded link at the top to download Greek fonts. Also added a "What's New" section on this page.
23/04/1998KavvadiasAdded image of cover of CD "Grammes Ton Orizonton".
18/04/1998KavvadiasAdded poem "A bord de l'Aspasia", added description of the CD "Grammes Ton Orizonton", improved a bit on the navigation between poems, added a "Links" section and a link to a related movie, and re-arranged the page so the poems come first.
NerudaAdded links to related movies and changed some english parts to greek.
05/04/19989th July 1821 - Page 9Translated page 9 into english and made the greek page point to it.
Freedom for CyprusMinor update regarding the accession negotiations to the EU.
17/12/1997Poetry and related pagesAdded icons to link to other poetry pages on my website.
16/12/1997Songs for Liberty and KavvadiasChanged all sound clips to RealAudio 28.8kbps.
10/12/19979th July - Historical backgroundAdded a reading of part of the Circular and made some layout changes.
07/12/1997Roger SuraudAdded a counter from Pagecount and a banner ad I created for my website. The counter is, in fact, the one I had on the T.S.Eliot page which has not been developed yet.
06/12/1997Roger SuraudAdded a disclaimer regarding the reason the page was built and that I am not related to Suraud.
30/11/19979th July - Historical backgroundAdded the Circular issued by Kyprianos on April 22, 1821.
27/11/1997The 9th of July 1821 in EnglishStarted on the english translation of the Enati. So far I've only done the first page. It links back and forth from the greek version of the same page.
25/11/19979th July 1821Added three new pages of historical and other background linking off the Enati index page : What it was like at the time of Kyprianos in Cyprus, what was the historical background of the 1821 massacre, how were the martyrs honoured at the altars of the nation, and linking the page about the poet (without much content yet). The image of the Old Archbishopric was moved to the Times of Kyprianos page. I also coverted everything on these pages to Greek.
24/11/1997Home PageAdded a soft dark background to the page. Will see if I like it!
18/11/1997Roger SuraudDeveloped the page on French painter Roger Suraud.
Victor VasarelyBegan development of the page on Hungarian artist Victor Vasarely..
22/10/1997My Family : Christofis and CrhrysostomiStarted to develop the family pages with full details of each person aiming towards a family tree.
20/10/1997LinksAdded links for some excellent movies.
25/08/1997The Struggle on the InternetStarted a new page called "Ο Αγώνας στο Internet" under Freedom for Cyprus which will contain links to pages related to the struggle for freedom. First links are to The Lobby for Cyprus and Kypros-Net.
LinksAdded link to The Lobby for Cyprus .
13/08/1997The FutureStarted a new page called "Να δεις τι σούχω για μετά" which intends to show the future of Cyprus -- the way the others want it! The page presently contains the Gali map. More great stuff coming up!
SolomouAdded a proper portrait of the great hero. This also appears on the Immortals page.
Freedom for CyprusThe bleeding island animated image has been slightly modified.
25/06/1997Freedom for CyprusThe bleeding island is now an animated gif (wherever it appears).
22/06/1997KavvadiasAdded painting of Kavvadias by Tsarouchis, a background image, and the poem Mal du Depart.
09/06/1997KavvadiasAdded image of the Mikroutsikos CD.
07/06/1997Tassos IsaakA lament for the hero Tassos Isaak by Constantinos Symeonides. [Thank you, again, Cos!]
06/06/1997LorcaDeveloped the page on Federico Garcia Lorca with a photo, short biography, and a presentation of his Lament for Ignacio Sanchez Mejias, including background, excerpts, and info on the 1969 musical rendering by Stavros Xarchakos. And it's all in Greek, too!
Site MapRedesigned the page, added a breathtaking background, a stunning spaceship graphic, and made links to each and every page in the site.
NerudaAdded a very nice background!
Home PageAdded "META" specifications to the "HEAD" section, including keywords. We'll see which engine will pick them up!
30/05/1997Pagecount StatisticsSubscribed to Pagecount for counters and statistics on my website.
02/05/1997Freedom for Cyprus
The Immortals
Gregoris Afxentiou
I added a link to the 9th of July 1821 on the Freedom page and made the EOKA Monument the icon for the Immortals page.
LinksAdded various links relating to the Central bank of Cyprus, including Coins and the Savings Bonds draws.
30/04/1997Freedom for CyprusThe page has been restructured. It links to a new page called The Immortals which contains all that related to heroes of the Cypriot struggles. The audio clips were also moved to a new page called Songs for Liberty. Finally, the Solomou and Isaak pages link back to the Immortals page as well. The Isaak page is only a skeleton page at this time. I also added a very nice picture of the EOKA monument.
Site MapThis is a new page that lists all the pages in my website. It links off of the home page.
23/04/1997Solomos SolomouAn inspired portrait of the hero Solomos Solomou by Constantinos Symeonides. [Thank you, Cos!]
Tassos IsaakSarted a new page under Freedom for Cyprus for Tassos Isaak.
20/04/1997Solomos SolomouSarted a new page under Freedom for Cyprus for Solomos Solomou.
Gregoris AfxentiouSarted a new page under Freedom for Cyprus for Gregoris Afxentiou. Contains panoramic photo of his statue at Machairas, a full length photo of the statue, and a poem by his mother.
My FamilyUpdated the page with some missing birthdates and added info for maternal ancestors. The respective pages were also updated.
18/04/19979th July 1821Added images from two paintings by Giorgos Mavrogenis (arguments between Mousellim-agas and Kyprianos, and the executions).
Change NotificationAdded links to all page references for ease of browsing the changes.
17/04/19979th July 1821Added images of Kyprianos and the Old Archbishopric.
Poetry - V. MichaelidesAdded image of the poet, removed the excerpts from the Enati, and added a link to the Enati page.
Poetry - D. LipertisAdded image of the poet.
Freedom for Cyprus
The short overview of modern Cyprus history was, in fact, a call for Freedom for Cyprus, so I moved it to the right page! Also moved the links about Cyprus to the Links page.
06/04/1997CyprusAdded a few facts about Cyprus, an animated GIF showing Cyprus on a map of Europe, and a short overview of modern Cyprus history.
31/03/1997Poetry - NerudaAdded content to the Neruda page with two poems translated to Greek by Takis Varvitsiotis.
29/03/19979th July 1821Added buttons to link to the U.S.A. mirror at Kypros-Net and to the Smiley site. Many thanks to Panayiotis Zaphiris for mirroring, and for appreciating the value of the project.
18/02/19979th July 1821The entire text and index page are generated by a QBASIC program. Not much in the way of images etc, but these and all other ideas to be implemented are laid out on the index page.
09/02/19979th July 1821Drafted the index page of "The 9th of July 1821" project, intended to grow into a multimedia presentation of the famous poem by Vassilis Michaelides.
Home PagePlaced the links to the Laboratory and Links pages on the "main menu".
12/01/1997CyprusAdded more links about Cyprus.
08/01/1997The LaboratoryAdded some Java "dancing text" stuff made with Swami.
27/12/1996Freedom for CyprusAdded "Τ' Ονειρον" and "Το τραγούδι του χελιδονιού". Built a menu for the musical section. Made several cosmetic changes.
Change NotificationCosmetic changes.
InternalRestructured directories.
25/12/1996LinksClassified the links.
Everything ElseAdded more Greek-Turkish dictionary entries.
21/12/1996LinksStarted a page of interesting and useful web links.
18/12/1996The LaboratorySet up a page to experiment with various things.
16/12/1996ArtSet up skeleton pages for all painters and established links from Art page.
13/12/1996Salvador DaliNew page under "Art" for Salvador Dali.
04/10/1996Everything ElseAdded Greek-Turkish and English-Turkish "dictionaries".
01/10/1996Poetry - KavvadiasAdded biography, 4 poems, and sound clips.
30/09/1996LiteratureAdded list of authors and works.
MusicAdded images of albums of J.M.Jarre, Moody Blues, Pink Floyd, and Yanni.
ArtAdded list of painters.
18/09/1996Greek FontsAdded link on Home Page to allow downloading of Greek Fonts for Windows.
17/09/1996Change NotificationNew page.
16/09/1996Freedom for CyprusAdded background image
15/09/1996Freedom for CyprusAdded poem by V.Michaelides and table of heroes of the EOKA struggle.

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The beautiful scenery is from Pleiades I by Prof. Ken Musgrave.
The bird rider is from a painting by Moebius (Jean Giraud).