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Roger Suraud was born in Saint-Etienne, France, in 1938.

He is the son and grandson of sculptors. He was directed towards an architect education "so as to allow his talent to express itself without incurring the hazard of an artist's life". He won the First Prize in Architecture at the Fine Art School in 1956 and 1957, as well as the Prize of the "Forez Arts" in 1957.

However, painting was increasingly appealing to him and he started participating in various exhibitions in 1964. Since then he has participated in more than 30 exhibitions in Paris, Lyon, Vichy, Geneva and elsewhere. His work has also been exhibited in more than 35 galleries in Europe as well as in Greenwich, USA. From 1972 to 1985 he had a continuous exhibition in his Paris art studio.

In 1986 he left Paris and settled in Landes where he set up a painting school.

His works are found in private collections all over the world.

I was most fortunate to come across Suraud's paintings on a rainy afternoon at a beautiful little gallery in the narrow streets of the medieval town of Saint-Paul-de-Vence in south France. The magic of the place and the magnetism of his magnificent works were overwhelming!

Suraud's paintings emanate a mystical glow that fills the awesome vastness of impossible spaces in which galleons have ran aground, or packs of wild horses roam like nightmares, or sirens wander sorrowfully, or artists, philosophers and muses are haunting eternity.

Suraud is preoccupied with music and The Artist, and his paintings often depict musical instruments, orchestras, musicians, dancers, all fading into each other and intertwined as they melt and flow away. But beyond the image, beyond that glow of light, Suraud's paintings can actually be heard, for they emanate a music unlike what you have ever heard!

- - - Tefkros Symeonides

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La Grande Chevauchee
La Symphonie de l'insolite

La Sirene
Title not known


An excellent book of Roger Suraud's work has been published in 1995 under ISBN 2-906922-25-0.


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Suraud's photograph, the brief biographical note, and most of the paintings are from the R.Suraud book.
La Sirene was scanned from a brochure of the Galerie du Vieux Saint-Paul about Suraud.
The painting whose title is not known is from a photograph. This magnificent painting was available at the St.Paul-de-Vence gallery when I was there in May 1996.
The background was extracted from the painting whose title is unknown.
The bird rider is from a painting by Moebius (Jean Giraud).

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