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Christofis (-1894) and Chrysostomi (-1936) Symeonides,
my father's paternal grandparents (my great grandparents).
Nikolas (1861-1941) and Anna (1884-1957) Symeonides,
my paternal grandparents.
Neoklis (1884-1970) and Mari (1894-1976) Constantinides,
my maternal grandparents.
Costas (1922-1999) and Popi (1926),
my parents.
Marios (1960), Phivos (1955), and myself (1952),
the three brothers.
Marina (1957),
my wife.
Menelaos (1984), Constantinos (1980), Kallia (1994),
Nantia (1985), Nicos (1983),
Giorgos (1992), Alexandros (1992), and Zoe (1990),
my children and those of my brothers'.

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